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Market One: RetireMax 401k.  Ardent uses a proven system that combines email, telemarketing, targeted advertising as well as networking to build a database of qualified investors.  We opportunistically target companies that are offering lump sum buyouts to employees for early retirement.  During that process, we also identify prospects that qualify for in-service withdrawals.  These prospects are typically channeled through lunch seminars, qualified, and then closed individually in person or over the phone by the advisor.

Market Two: RetireMax 403b.  Through two separate channels, Ardent advisors can offer money management services to employees of 501(c)(3) organizations.  Channel one is exclusive to advisors under the Ladenburg Thalmann family of companies.  Ladenburg Thalmann is now one of five money managers on platform inside the TIAA CREF Retirement plan, which is one of the most prevalent offerings among universities, hospitals and other not for profits.  Ardent advisors have the opportunity to manage money within the current contract and earn an advisory fee.  This market has been previously overlooked and underserved by financial professionals.

Channel two was recently announced by Securities America based on a new relationship with Fidelity IWS.  Ardent advisors can build clientele through ‘Lunch and Learn’ seminars to create a revenue stream as well as secure a trusted relationship with the client that will likely result in a lump sum investment upon retirement.

Market Three: WealthMax Seminar Series.  WealthMax is a proprietary dinner/workshop series focused on generational wealth transfer for the high net worth individuals.  We use a highly refined mailing list to bring qualified investors with a minimum net worth of $4 million together to discuss wealth transfer and estate issues.  Developed over the last 15 years, this series is designed for the experienced advisor who can support three campaigns per year.  The average WealthMax campaign generates over $175,000 of gross revenue.  This is our premier program and is catered to the advisor looking to develop high net worth clients.

Our proven approach to marketing and lead generation also drives our recruitment efforts to grow the OSJ.  During 2015 alone, we have successfully recruited $6.5 million of GDC and landed the number one adviser under age 40 in the state of California.  We anticipate that we will be able to drive substantial top line revenue growth because of our unique value proposition.

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